We have a broad range of agency clients across a variety of sectors

We offer dedicated and expert consultancy to guide you through the recruitment process, whether you’re looking for a new career opportunity or hiring additional team members.

candidate service

At Soho we strive to achieve the very highest standards of service for our candidates. We recognise that changing jobs, sometimes careers, is one of life’s major steps and needs to be handled with sensitivity and professionalism.

We aim to manage your expectations from the first phone call or meeting, even if this means telling you we can’t help.

Where we are able to help, we will work with you to establish your requirements and from there identify the right opportunities. We will guide you through the entire interview process right up to the job offer stage and your start date.

And we stay in touch! We want to know you’re happy and succeeding.

career consultancy

In addition to helping you find your next role, we offer ongoing career consultancy.


We can offer you objective advice on pending appraisals including your market worth, your responsibilities, your goals and your future career prospects.

Future Direction

Everyone gets to a stage where they want to plan ahead, whether it is for the next two, three or five years. We can help with that planning by suggesting the necessary career steps and path you might need to take in order to reach your goal(s).

Market Place

If you’re just curious to know what the job market is doing now and what we expect it to do in the foreseeable future, we’ll happily give you our considered opinion.


All our discussions with you are in complete confidence. We don’t work any other way! Feel free to call us and arrange a time to talk – 07941 892867.

“Frankie took the time to get to know me and truly understand the role I was looking for. She provided me with honest and realistic advice up front whilst managing my expectations along the process.”
Lorien Palmer
Research Manager

The job landscape is always changing and new roles being added – send in your CV to find out what we are working on that could suit you.